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Music Choice -  Terrestrial Cable TV 

ClubCom Network – Personal Viewing System Pittsburgh PA (RETAIL POOL) ClubCom is unique in that it provides private television programming for 5000+ health clubs, including including 24 Hour

2 Fitness (400 locations), Planet Fitness (1800+ locations), LA Fitness (690 locations), Gold's Gym (400 locations), New York Sports Clubs (100+ locations), Retro Fitness (150+ locations), Crunch Fitness Centers (225+ locations), and the YMCA (2700 locations). The video is added to the Personal Viewing Systems
installed in treadmills and other personal machines in fitness centers across the country.

"Makes My Blood Dance just dropped their new track "Power of the Lightside," whose intro alone should entice any fan of heavy harmonized riffs. Then of course once the hook comes around, you're basically forced into staying."

- Greg Kennelty, Metal Injection -

"MMBD’s special weapons also come in the form of singer Evan Russel Saffer and guitarist John Polimeni, both expert melodists and compositional architects, creating tracks that are consistently intriguing and meticulously structured. This holds true for “Together Apart,” with constant dialogue between Saffer’s vocals and Polimeni’s raging guitar."

- Keegan Williams New Noise -

"As usual with Saffer, there’s way more at stake here lyrically. Recovery is still not a go-to topic in rock ‘n’ roll. There’s just too much self-reflection required. And the ability to walk the line between soap-boxing and self-loathing is incredibly rare. MMBD blast along that tightrope with ease and abandon with a track that’ll kick you in the teeth whether you know the words or not. "

"I hear some Trivium in these guys, maybe a little post-Glenn Danzig Misfits and a whole lot of Ratt, and when fused together with a breakdown-free alternative metal construct for the hook, this cocktail produces a primal, anti-mainstream thrust that could have headlined Ozzfest fifteen years ago as easily as it could rule the rock airwaves today."

- Mindy McCall, IndiePulse Music -

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